External information resources

http://www.rsl.ru – Russian State Library

- Electronic Catalogue

- Virtual reference service
http://www.nlr.ru – Russian National Library

- Electronic catalogues
http://www.cnshb.ru  -Central Scientific Agricultural Library

- Electronic Catalogue
http://www.gpntb.ru – State Scientific Technical library

- Electronic catalogue
http://www.rasl.ru – Library of Academy of Sciences

- Electronic Catalogue
http://www.benran.ru – Library of Russian Academy of sciences on natural sciences

- Electronic catalogue
http://www.knigainfo.ru/edb/index.html - Electronic data bank of state bibliography
http://findbook.ru – system is meta-search service of united publishing data base
http://catalog.viniti.ru – All-Russian Institute of Technical and Scientific information

- Electronic Catalogue
http://www.inion.ru – Institute of scientific information on social sciences

- Electronic Catalogue
http://www.vntic.org.ru – All-Russian Institute of technical and scientific information

- Unified list of scientific-technical activity
http://www.vniiesh.ru - - All-Russian scientific research institute of agriculture

- Catalogue of technologies and products
http://www.viesh.ru - All-Russian scientific institute of electrification of agriculture

- Catalogue of technologies and products

http://www.ach.gov.ru – Account Chambers of the Russian Federation

- Information bulletin
http://www.gks.ru – State Committee of statistics

- Official statistic information

http://statistika.ru – Portal of statistic data
http://www.mcx.ru – Ministry of Agriculture

- Official Internet-Portal
http://www1.fips.ru/wps/wcm/connect/content_ru/ru - Russian Patent

- Information-search system
http://www.gost.ru/wps/portal - Federal Agency of technical regulation and metrology

- Catalogue of standards
http://www.consultant.ru – Legal documents

http://www.planta-company.ru/agroconsulting -Agroconsulting

http://lib.ru – Moshkov’s library

- Full text pieces of fiction
http://www.ereport.ru – World economy and markets

- Analytics, information materials
http://www.economy.gov.ru/minec/press - Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation

- Official site
http://slovari.yandex.ru/dict/economic - Modern economic dictionary

http://akdi.ru/econom/ - Consultation and business information agency

- Full text documents
http://institutiones.com Economic portal

- Full text documents, analytics

http://radugaslov.ru/multitran.htm - Dictionary-translator